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News Medical is an online informational website that provides medical information and news to medical researchers, healthcare professionals, physicians and general public. The website is owned and operated by (the A to Z of Materials), which is a material science publishing and digital marketing company. The aim of the company is to increase the use of advanced materials. The company is based in United Kingdom, with its head office situated in Cheshire, United Kingdom. The website works under a team of professional editors and specialist scientists. The website is growing in traffic and currently ranked among top 10 thousand most viewed websites in United States with a constant increase in its global traffic.

The website is also free to use and access with online ads as their main source of revenue. The popular categories on the website include News, Health, Drugs, Clinical & Diagnostics, Consumer Products, Life Science & Laboratory and more. Readers can also find white papers related to health and medicine, medical research news, child health news and drug updates.

The website is also active on Facebook and other social media platforms, with 219 thousand fans of their Facebook page. To contact their team, readers can email them. Reviews

As the website is mostly a free online resource for medical news and information, there is no review or any other form of online feedback available. Other than reviews from actual users, that are almost non-existent, the website is rated as a high trust website by scam alert websites. The content available and published on the website is also recognized as safe and reliable by few other websites. Reviews

Even though, online feedback is not available, but the advanced design of the website, the active content and the team behind the project indicates that the online medical news and informational website is a quality option for people who are looking for some quality content and latest updates from the field of medical. Reviews 2015

Just like previous years, there is not much in terms of online feedback, reviews and readers comments in 2015, but their Alexa rankings show that the traffic is increasing this year as the website is climbing in the rankings in 2015. This shows that the website is now gaining more readers and getting popular. Reviews1

The website is still new in the medical and health industry and quickly gaining recognition and trust from the readers as well as medical associations. It is also owned by well reputed company which is based in UK and Australia. Lack of reviews and online feedback is little alarming, but other than that, the website looks like a quality option for medical news and all the updates from the field of medicine, health and drugs. Coupon Codes

As the website is a free news and health resource, there is no information related to their special deals and offers. Readers can register with their online membership to receive their free newsletter with all the recent updates.


The website is well designed and modern in its display and features. It is a quality but free online resource for physicians, medical experts as well as general public with interest in medical news. All the content is placed under different categories which make it easy to explore different section or find the news. Other than news, readers can also read a lot of informational articles related to health, medicine and wellbeing. The website is still new but gaining more and more traffic. Even though, feedback from users and readers is not available but it is improving its global ranking in terms of weekly traffic. All in all, the website is 4 out of 5 star rated site.

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